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We equip people with the right methods, knowledge and mindset to proactively meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Future Skill Card Deck

Training cards for the makers of tomorrow

  • For everyone who would like to approach the topic of Future Skills in a playful way 

  • In addition to skills, it also includes fields of application, stakeholders and megatrends 

Your advantages: 

  • One set for all Future skills

  • Simple and compact format, including brief descriptions and links to further material

  • Diverse play options for different application scenarios and training formats

  • Can be used at different skill levels


Bright & Bold Academy

Workshops and trainings at rookie, advanced or expert level on various topics of future skills, digitization, innovation and new work


Your advantages: 

  • Science-based and up-to-date know-how on the topics of future skills, digitization, innovation, and New Work 

  • Insights into best practices, the most recent and inspiring methods and frameworks

  • Individual content and module compilation and high practical relevance for sustainable learning success

  • Also bookable in train-the-trainer format

Futur Talent Program
future talent2.jpeg

Future Talent Program

Modular training program for Future Skills development and empowerment of the shapers of tomorrow 

Your advantages: 

  • Tailored program for junior executives im company

  • Development of a complete program, but also bookable as an add-on to existing training programs

  • awayCross-divisional networking of the workforce

  • Ttheoretical knowledge transfer with a high practical relevance at the same time and thus driving innovation in the company

  • Increasing employer attractiveness and employeesn-bond


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