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Strategic Support

We support entrepreneurial individuals, start-ups, established companies and educational institutions on strategic issues relating to sustainability - from conception to implementation.

Buiness Booster

Business Booster

Support in the evaluation and implementation of business ideas, market potential, corporate strategies and scaling options

Your advantages: 

  • Fast and professional evaluation of your business idea based on the latest innovation methods

  • Bguidance and support along the innovation process or the entrepreneurial journey through coaching and mentoring

  • Taking over the processing of the entire innovation process and also only individual ones work packages

Future Studio

Future Studio

Support in setting up or expanding your own units for future issues and business model innovation - from the white label to the highly individualized solution 

future studio 3.jpeg

Your advantages: 

  • Extensive needs analysisto choose the model that suits you

  • Laying the foundation for a culture of innovation in your company 

  • Everything from a single source - from theConception to implementation

Future Force
future force 2.jpeg

Future Force

Program for long-term employee loyalty and employer attractiveness as well as for the full exploitation of potential within the workforce using co-creation, further training and mentoring elements

Your advantages: 

  • Establishment of measures to promote future skills and cross-generational learning

  • Enabling your own workforce to use opportunities through new technologies and social impulses profitably for your company

  • Increasing employer attractiveness and employee loyalty

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